Paul LeSueur
Legacy Foundation

Paul won’t be able to personally share his message of leadership and friendship any longer, but his example will live on through us.

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In Loving Memory of Paul LeSueur

Never met Paul personally? Well, you did know him through the thousands of friends he made during his wonderful life and how he has influenced and shaped them. Paul was everyone’s friend. His good spirits and positive message eventually touched you.

His aura first came to light in our community when he was a lifeguard at the Garden City Pool. Paul worked there with his girlfriend, Liz. It should have been called the PauLiz Pool because they “owned” it all those years ago. They were swimmers, they were hosts, they were instructors, they were just another reason to stop by the pool. They knew everyone, and everyone was their friend. Who can forget the night when they electrified the Pool crowd with their incredible water ballet dance at the end-of-the-year party. And just like that, they grew up. Of course, Paul and Liz got married. They put down their roots in Garden City. They became educators and used their magic to influence so many young people on Long Island. Modest, affable and always your friend, or your surrogate parent.

They raised four remarkable children and they were all great athletes. But even more, the children were the apple of their parents’ eyes and wonderful people. All were born storytellers. All modest, all leaders. Yes, they led others the right way just as their parents did – by example and by holding your hand when you needed it.

The purpose of the Paul LeSueur Legacy Foundation

Provide financial support to local charities and community based organizations for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Facilitate increased awareness of local issues and initiatives by partnering with local organizations in support of their efforts to reach out to the public and helping promote community support.

Provide educational resources for community residents through the form of scholarships that will help to offset some of the expenses of pursuing a college degree for Garden City High School seniors.

Past Scholarship Recipients

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Everywhere Paul went, he was a champion, not just in the world of sports, but in life. He loved to share with you his walks down memory lane, but, even more, he loved his strolls into your life. He never stopped wanting to know more about you. If you made the mistake of going out to dinner with Paul you had to be prepared for the countless interruptions as friends came by to tell a joke, share a tale or just to reminisce.

Corporate Directors

Bethany LeSueur

Garden City, NY

Paul LeSueur

Garden City, NY

Sarah LeSueur

W. Stockbridge, MA

Peter LeSueur

New York, NY

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